There are cases in which you might need to add two or more signers sharing the same email address to a document in eversign.

Let's say you are a real estate agent and you are selling a house to a couple who share the email address or you are closing a contract with the administrators of a small company, who both share the email address

If you try to add the signers using the same email address for more of them, you will get an error, "duplicate signer email", like in the example below:

You can get around this limitation in the following way:

  1. Set one of the signers with the email address as it is (in our example
  2. Set the second signer, adding +1 to the user name (front part of the email address), in our case

You can add any other numbers or letters after the "+" sign, such as "tomandsally+a", "tomandsally+son", "tomandsally+42" etc.

This way, you can send two or more emails to the same address with eversign.

Most modern email services (such as gmail) support this "plus" extension of the user name part of the address and the recipients receive the email in the default inbox.