The ultimate goal of every business, from freelancers and startups to big corporations, is to increase sales. In order to turn prospects into customers and boost sales, you need to understand exactly what your potential customers need and sell it to them.

Here are nine ways in which you can increase your chance to convert prospects into customers:

1. Do your research

Do not assume that all prospects are the same. Even if there are similarities, each prospect is unique and should be treated as such. This means that instead of using the same pitch with all your potential customers, you should thoroughly research each company before pitching to them and learn about their business, challenges and goals. In this way, you can customize your presentation for each prospect and talk about your product in terms of how it can meet their needs.

2. Show interest

Every person wants to be seen as an individual and not as a percentage in your sales quota. Try to have a natural conversation with them instead of a monologue about how amazing your product is. Don’t be afraid to make small talk or jokes and get to know the potential customer better.

3. Ask questions and listen

Don’t push your product or service, listen instead to what objectives, challenges and hurdles your potential customer has. Everybody likes to be listened to and understood and good listening skills can lead to loyal customers.

Ask your prospect questions about their company’s needs and listen to their answers. Not only does that show that you are interested in them and not only in closing a sale, but it also provides you with useful information about how exactly your product or services can help them.

4. Don’t ignore customer objections

If the customer makes an objection regarding your product, listen to them before jumping in with a counterargument. This is a great opportunity for you to find out what makes them hesitate to buy your product and address the issue. Your potential client will also appreciate being listened to.

5. Explain how your product will solve their problems

People don’t buy products, they buy solutions. If you followed the tips above, then you should know exactly what your prospect’s business needs are and you can customize your pitch accordingly. Don’t tell them how great your product is, tell them how it will solve their problems or increase their productivity.

6. Use storytelling

Storytelling is a great sales tool, because human beings are hardwired to listen to stories. So, don’t just tell your prospect what your product can do, also tell them how it helped a client in a similar situation to theirs.

7. Offer a free trial

A free trial can be a very convincing sales method, because it allows your potential customers to get to know your product and its features. For example, if you are a software producer, there aren’t many incentives for your prospects to start from scratch again and learn how to use a competitor’s software after the trial period is over, provided your product is good. Also, if you offer a free trial for a premium account to a client using a free account, they might get used to the advanced features and not want to return to the basic plan at the end of the trial period.

8. Always agree on a next step

Before ending the call with your prospect, always arrange a next step, be it a meeting, another call or a presentation. Agree with them when this step will take place and add it to your calendar. Make sure you follow up at the agreed time, this will show your prospect that you are trustworthy and you respect them.

9. Ask for the sale

Every sales pitch needs a closing. You don’t just need to present your product to the prospect and convince them of its features and advantages, you also need to ask them if they are ready to buy it. If you postpone asking for the sale, you run the risk that your competitors will do it before you.

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