To our customers and friends:

Today, I am excited to announce that we have been acquired by Apryse – the world’s leading provider of document processing technology for enterprises, innovative startups, and governments. This deal has been in the works for months, and I am thrilled to finally share the news, as this partnership means many positive developments in the months ahead.

First, a huge thank you to everyone who has made this deal possible – our fantastic team, our founders, members, and customers.  

In 2017, we started eversign with the idea that we could remake how agreements are signed, by making e-signatures accessible with the click of a button, so they are easy, secure, and affordable for all.

We developed our solution step by step, adding further functionalities like bulk sending of contracts, access to our API for developers, and workspaces for multiple business teams. And the result has been a fully versatile document signing platform to create, edit, and share your contracts, all from one place, helping large and small businesses go paperless and make their digital leap.

Five years on and eversign has secured a solid position within the e-signature space, counting over half a million users, thanks to our team's incredible dedication and perseverance. And with the regular and valuable feedback of our loyal customers, we've grown and iterated our offering. We have kept fine-tuning every day to make an environmentally friendly, fully digital document signing experience possible.

We know, however, that signing documents is but one crucial part of the workflow of our users and their clients. And combining our strengths and product functionality with the industry leader Apryse marks the next logical step in eversign’s evolution and the opening of a brand-new and thrilling chapter.

Much like the PDF specification, Apryse's [ formerly named PDFTron ] powerful in-house rendering engine came into being several decades ago and has since seen constant enhancements and refinements. Today, the company serves thousands of business customers across the enterprise and developer markets, including some of the top Fortune 100 companies and the most innovative commercial software providers.

With the best rendering performance available, Apryse offers complete digital workflow functionality – viewing, annotation, editing, signatures, redaction, and conversation capabilities – available on all major application platforms for well over 70 file types.

We have a tremendous opportunity to improve how eversign users set up contracts, with access to Apryse's innovative technology, resources, and expertise in the document processing space. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to reimagine what their best end-user tools and ours can look like together within the Apryse technology stack.

I recommend visiting to learn more about the great products and services used by millions already today. Of course, we also invite you to check out their official Press Release on our acquisition.

Stay tuned to this space for more exciting news.

Kind regards,
Hannes Aigner, CEO of eversign