There's a stack of paperwork on your desk, waiting to be processed, signed, and approved.

This is the life of most business professionals today. Well, at least for those who've yet to improve and automate their processes and systems.

Battling with (I mean, managing) paperwork in a way that's efficient isn't simple when you're using outdated methods.

Like printing, faxing, mailing, and hand-signing documents. This slows down the entire process of whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.

Thankfully, there are more effective ways to get paperwork done. If you're searching for ways to get your paperwork signed quicker, then continue reading.

We're going to take a look at how you can improve paperwork management using digital signatures.

Why Switch to Digital Signatures?

Before we dive into how digital signatures can help your business, let's take a look at the top 5 reasons you should use them.

#1 Get Documents Signed Faster

At the top of the list, we have speed. As we already laid out, paperwork can be a doozy.

It can bog down your pipeline and decrease workflow. And you can forget about leading a productive day.

The companies that are streamlining their workflows with automation are seeing boosts in these areas. With e-signatures, you can cut out weeks of waiting around for completed documents.

You can quickly upload, email, and digitally sign the document within minutes. Just about everyone has access to the internet -- whether at home or a local coffee shop.

So it's possible to get past the paperwork phase and on to more important matters. E-signature platforms enable recipients to sign documents using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

#2 Easily Manage All of Your Signed Documents

What's great about platforms like eversign is that it's not just your typical e-signature software. You can use it as a hub for all of your essential documents.

You can send these off to new clients and employees so they can get on board quickly. Then once they sign, you can save it in your dashboard to access anytime and anywhere there's an internet connection.

#3 Increase Document Security

How many documents have you lost or misplaced over the years? If you're like most, then you've likely lost count a long, long time ago.

The idea of someone getting their sticky paws on a document with sensitive data is scary. Not to mention, it can potentially land your company in a  lawsuit.

By creating digital documents (using a scanner or word processor), you can decrease the chances of theft and misplacement of critical documents.

#4 See Paperwork Workflow in Real Time

Spending days or weeks waiting around for a partner, prospect, or employee to sign documents are over. And with it, the mystery of where documents are in the pipeline.

When you're using a digital signature platform, you're able to see everything. For example, if there are multiple signatures required for one document, you can see which parties signed and who hasn't.

This gives you the insight you need to follow-up with those individuals to get the workflow...well, flowing.

#5 Integrate with Your CRM (and Other Platforms)

Stacking technologies is the new trend. Businesses often use a handful of digital tools, so it makes sense to combine them together whenever possible.

The digital signature platform you use should allow you to connect to cloud services and CRMs like Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Zoho.

With these integrations, it'll make it easier to create digital documents and import contact details.

Next, let's take a look at several use cases for completing documents using e-signatures.

Human Resources and Digital Signatures

You work in the HR department at your firm. You're responsible for managing all sorts of tasks, such as onboarding employees and contractors, completing timesheets, and managing tax forms.

Many of the documents involved in this require signatures from at least one party.

For instance, when you're onboarding a new hire, there are several documents they must sign. This includes a W-9 or 1099 form, contract, NDA, and so on.

If you require someone to fill the position quickly, you can streamline your onboarding with e-signatures. The new hire can quickly sign essential documents and hit the ground running in no time.

Lawyers and E-Signatures

Here's an industry that's well acquainted with digital documents. Lawyers are consistently uploading scans and PDFs for their case files.

Many of these documents require a signature from multiple parties. For example, if there's a class action lawsuit against a company for negligence.

Several families are involved, and each of their signatures is required. In the past, it took a long time to gather them all due to the recipients living in different areas and managing different schedules.

Digital documents eliminate the need for the plaintiffs to come into your office, meet with you in their homes, or mail documents.

This saves you time and money and allows you to focus on winning their case.

E-Signatures in Retail

When you think of retail, you don't think of too much paperwork. But outside of human resources, other key areas require paperwork and signatures.

One example is purchase orders and invoices. These normally have to be signed by management before placing orders.

Waiting around for these documents or risking the chance of losing them are unnecessary risks. Emailing the purchase orders for approval is quick, and it's easy for them to sign off on the purchase.

The same day, you can solicit the orders you need from your supplier to keep the store's shelves stocked.

Retailers can also use digital signatures for licensing agreements and company/end-user agreements.

Digital Signatures for Business Services

Businesses that offer services directly to clients usually have several documents clients must sign to commence work.

This may include an NDA, billing agreement, contract, and proposal. E-signatures are becoming commonplace for completing these documents and onboarding clients quickly.

You can set up a workflow that includes digital signatures. Not only will it speed up the process, but it'll get money in your pocket faster.

It'll also delight your clients once they see how fast and simple the onboarding process is.

Signing NDAs On a Whim

While networking, you never know who you may come across that can benefit your business. There's always a possibility that you could link up with someone who offers expertise in your industry that you can capitalize on.

For instance, you may wish to discuss crucial, but sensitive information to gain their insights and consulting.

Rather than putting it off for a week due to paperwork delays, you can email them an NDA to sign right away. They can use their mobile device or laptop to draw or upload a picture of their signature.

Then you can discuss important details without worry about them stealing your ideas.

Customer Approvals for Custom Work

Offering customizations to customers is a great way to earn their business. People are always looking for specific products that have all the specs they desire.

Once you're done with the design, you have to get approval from the customer. This is required to ensure the customer's happy with the idea and is ready for the project to start.

By using digital signature platforms, you can upload and send these documents to customers via email. They can access the documents via the platform and sign it there securely.

This quickens the process so you can get to the manufacturing step faster.

Insurance & Financial Pros Using E-Signatures

If you're in the industry of helping people get their financial assets in order, then you know how much paperwork is involved. To start, your clients must sign an application.

Then they must submit agreements with their signature, upon approval. Between waiting on documents from the client side and waiting for approval on the management, it can be somewhat daunting.

Why go through that when you can upload documents and create an audit trail? You can see which documents still have pending signatures.

Some of the documents you can use for e-signatures include policy agreements and notifications, policy/service renewals, loan applications, disclosures, policy/service renewals, and claim processing documents.

Improve Your Document Workflow

There's no excuse to continue delaying your pipeline with unnecessary paper documents. Switching over to digital will be the best decision you make for your business.

Adopting a digital workflow into your company can speed up many processes. You can hire and onboard contractors faster, approve new customer applications and get inventory quickly.

The use cases we provide demonstrate a few of the ways e-signatures can help. If you have physical paperwork to manage, then you can benefit from a e-signatures.

Ready to give them a try? Sign up for a free trial and let us know if it's worth making the adoption!