We are thrilled to announce that SaaSworthy has recognized eversign as Highly Rated, as well as Most Popular and Fastest Growing Electronic Signature software.

SaaSworthy is an online platform that helps stakeholders make better product decisions based on unbiased & insightful reviews, comparisons, social popularity and buyers guide.

eversign has earned a SW score of 90% in SaaSworthy's ranking system, placing it in the top spot among leading electronic signature software.

The SW score aims to capture the essence of a SaaS product to help users and businesses find the most useful and relevant product for their needs. The SW score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. The algorithm takes into consideration the features offered by the product, user's ratings, social media presence, web presence, and the growth speed. It is a relative scoring system, which means that the scores are calculated with respect to the competitors within a category. Hence, software from one category can't be compared to other software from a different category as far as their SW scores are concerned.

Like most other software awards and recognitions, SaaSworthy awards rely to a great degree on user reviews and feedback, which means that it wouldn't have been possible for us to receive them without the participation of our lovely customers. So we're taking this opportunity to thank all our valued customers, you are the best!

About eversign

eversign is an easy to use electronic signature solution that enables users to prepare, sign and manage contracts online from any device, without having to print or scan them.

eversign meets stringent security and authentication requirements and documents signed with eversign are legally binding and enforceable in court.

To test eversign's features, sign up for the free basic plan, it only takes a couple of minutes.