We are delighted to announce that eversign has placed in G2's Top 50 Project Management Software for 2021 based on user ratings and reviews. To our lovely customers who took the time to review us, thank you!

G2 is the world’s leading business solutions review website and is based on the feedback of real verified users. The company’s aim is to help enterprises make better software buying decisions based on unbiased & insightful peer-to-peer reviews. Founded in 2012, the site has over a million reviews for thousands of software products, written by over 4 million users.

eversign is a cloud-based digital signature solution that caters to businesses of all sizes. It enables users to prepare, send and sign legally binding documents online. eversign’s key features include audit trails, a document editor, contact management tools, in-person signing and more.

eversign provides users with built-in templates for contracts and forms which can be prefilled with custom text, drop-down menus, checkboxes and other elements. The solution manages e-signatures using a JSON-based REST API. Signees can complete forms on desktop or mobile devices.

eversign integrates with various third-party applications like Google Docs, Zoho, Dropbox and many more. Signed documents can be stored in the eversign account, scheduled to auto-expire or permanently deleted after a certain deadline.

Services are offered on a monthly or yearly subscription basis that includes multichannel support.

Here's what some of our lovely customers have recently said about eversign on G2:

"Top notch electronic signature platform! I love how easy it is to use, and the pricing is just right. We are able to customize our site so that it looks like it is coming from our business vs eversign, as well as having the ability to put our logo on the outgoing templates. I like that we can create templates for our frequent use documents and being able to do standard plans or contacting them to do individual based plans per our needs."

Autumn B. - CSR Manager

Eversign has been a gamechanger in my business. We work with clients from all over the world and Eversign makes it easy for us to share contracts and get them signed quickly and efficiently without needing to print anything. It is very user friendly and intuitive. I also like how there were so many options of customizing my signature. Eversign sends you email updates informing you of the progress of your documents and you can remind someone to check the documents too. This ensures that you get your documents signed on time.

Runnovate K. - Executive Director

I use eversign for signing client agreements in my business and I think it really makes a big difference in how professional my services seem. Not only is it super easy to set up the document to be signed, but the process is easy and simple for the customer receiving the document that needs to be signed. I also like that they email you when a document has been completed. It really helps me to know the status of the document without bugging the client.

Cate Y. -  Bookkeeper

Awesome value, very pleased with Eversign! The format and layout is very intuitive, its very reliable and I like the unlimited send option which they offer at a much more reasonable price than other competitor services. I also like the fact that clients remark that the service is very easy to use.

Jay A. - Child and Adolescent Therapist

If we've aroused your interest and you wish to test eversign's features for yourself, just pop on our website and set up a free basic account, it only takes a couple of minutes!