You created a PDF document to be read and signed by your partners but realize later that there's a problem.

The pages are all out of order.

When you scan papers and create a PDF document, you have to do it in the exact order. What happens when you make, and you need to sort the document vs. rescanning the pages?

Well, there are several options you can use to reorder and edit your PDF documents using desktop and internet tools.

Let's take a look at how you can sort your PDF documents.

Reorganizing Your PDFs Online

There are several tools you can use online that are designed for the purpose of sorting PDFs. For example, PDF 2 Go has a tool that allows you to sort and delete pages from your PDF documents.

The process is rather simple.

Just click on the "Choose" button to find the PDF document you'd like to sort.

You will see your document pages show up.

You can either slide the pages in the order you want by dragging and dropping it to the position.

Or if you just want to reorder the pages to ascending vs. descending, then you can just click the arrow button.

Once you have it in the order you want, you can click save changes.

Now, it's also worth mentioning that you can use this tool to rotate your documents as well. So if you have a page or two you accidentally scanned upside down, then this is a quick fix.

If they're all upside down, you can click "Select All" and hit the rotate button.

Then if there are pages you no longer need, then you can delete them as well.

If you accidentally delete the wrong page, you can undo it by hitting the arrow button next to the trash can.

Sorting PDF Documents Using Adobe

Adobe is a desktop software you can use to manipulate your PDF documents.

Let's take a look at some of the steps you have to take to reorganize your PDFs.

Rotating Your PDF

To rotate the documents in your PDF file, all you have to do is open your PDF in the software. The click on Tools > Organize Pages.

Or you can go to Organize Pages located in the right pane.

Once you're in, you'll need to choose which of the pages you want to rotate. You can select a page range (i.e., 1-10).

There's also the option to specify pages based on whether they're even or odd numbered, landscape, or portrait. Then if there's only one page, you can always type in that page number.

You're then able to rotate the document in 90-degree increments, left or right.

After you're done, you're all set!

Moving PDF Pages

With your PDF document already open, select Tools > Organize Pages. When the Organize Pages toolset opens in your secondary toolbar, you can view the thumbnails of each page.

Choose which of the pages you'd like to move. All you have to do is click on the thumbnail and drag it to the position it should be in.

The pages will automatically renumber to reflect the change.

Deleting PDF Pages

If you have irrelevant or redundant pages in your PDF, then you can easily remove them. Go to Tools > Organize Pages, then choose the range of pages you'd like to remove.

You can choose between landscape or portrait, and even and odd pages. Plus, you can enter the page numbers you'd like to delete.

After specifying them, go to your secondary toolbar and hit the "Delete Pages" button, which should look like a trash can.

Don't forget to click "OK" to confirm the deletion.

Get Your PDF Documents Organized!

With these three available options, you should find no problem with sorting your PDF documents.

You have the option to manipulate your document in other ways as well, such as deleting and adding pages.

Have a document that needs some TLC? Then use these tips today to get them right.

Make sure to come back and let us know in the comments!