We at eversign always strive to offer you the best possible eSigning software - secure, easy to use and at an affordable price. That’s why the rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars that you gave us on both independent platforms G2 and Capterra fills us with pride and joy. Your feedback is very important to us and helps us improve our services and maintain a high standard.

We wanted to find out what you like best about your experience with eversign, so we looked at the almost 2,000 reviews across G2 and Capterra and identified the four most recurring reasons why you love eversign.

These reasons are: ease of use, useful features, value for money and helpful customer support.

Ease of Use

It is important for a software tool to be intuitive and easy to use in order to reduce the amount of workload. Here is what you said about eversign:

The workflow process in Eversign is simple and required minimal training, even for our less technically savvy employees, to the point where even staff members who had been apprehensive about bringing in more digitalization of our processes noticed that there were considerable savings on time.

Matt E., Operations Manager

Eversign is very easy to use and very intuitive. There are great instructions as to how to set it up but most people will not need them because it works like you think it will so it can be set up very quickly.

                James O., Owner, Marketing and Advertising

I use Eversign for getting my contracts signed by new clients. It's so quick, easy and convenient for both me and my clients that I almost always get signed contracts back within a couple of hours of sending them out which saves on chasing people and ultimately makes my life a lot easier.

Emma A., Director

The system is incredibly user-friendly. I just drop my files, attach my signature lines and go, it's that simple. Also, the formatting beats most other e-signature softwares that I've used. It seems like when my clients sign using eversign, the signatures are always in the right place and appear like a realistic signature.

Nicholas J., Realtor

This software is the easiest and most intuitive to use. From loading a document, to adding text, loading your signatures, signing, requesting others to sign - it could not be easier.

Thobias S., Sole Proprietor, Management Consulting

Useful Features

Choosing which features a software tool should offer requires strategic thinking. If important features are missing, customers will flee to the competition, however if there are too many features, the app becomes bloated and difficult to understand and use. Companies need to find the sweet spot between not enough features and too many features.

These are some of the things you wrote about eversign’s features:

I personally tested 5 leading e-signature platforms before settling on Eversign. The most important aspect of any e-signature software, in my opinion, is the client experience. Eversign allows anyone to sign the document from any device without having to pre-install anything. In addition, eversign allows you to use company branding, logos, icons, colors and URLs to make it look extremely professional. From a user perspective the software is clean and easy to use. It allows for more customization than most of the peers. All at a lower price point. In general, I would say it edges out its peers slightly in every category.

Kenton S., Founder and CEO

I like the email reminders, they always help remind our partners to append their signature on documents as fast as they can. This has removed the need to call partners to remind them ourselves, which in times past has made us appear desperate.

Ifeoma O., Developer

The thing I love about eversign is the ability to white label and customize the brand. Most other services somehow sneak in their link or logo. Also, eversign keeps you updated on every signature, every project, and gives you reminders well in advance.

Lorena Z., CEO/Owner

The best part is document prep time has been cut down significantly. With templates we can keep our current workflow and get contracts out the door quicker to clients.

Brandon S., President, Marketing and Advertising

I love the dashboard overview when you log in that clearly shows you the status of any outstanding documents and all recent activity - it's good to have a bird’s-eye view so you don't have to go searching to know who's signed what. Also, the fact that all documents are stored in this one secure place so I don't need to worry about hunting down email attachments and trying to collect them all into one place. The email reminders to the clients also are great as a gentle reminder when necessary to keep things on track!

Lindsay G., Business Owner

Value for Money

No matter how performant a product is, it also needs to have a competitive price, that corresponds to the value it brings the customer and matches the customer’s financial possibilities.

This is what you said about eversign:

I tested 4-5 of the best digital signature providers (the ones recommended by G2) before choosing Eversign. The main reasons I chose Eversign over all others was the fact that Eversign has all of the features the others have but at an affordable price and you get unlimited documents at the basic level. Bottom line, I will be saving hundreds if not thousands per year without compromising my business needs.

Isaac O., Business Development / CEO

This software offers all the same integrations and ease of use as any other competitor. However, eversign's pricing for documents is unmatched.

Anna B., Director Of Operations

Eversign is perfect because it does everything I need it to while coming at a great price. They have plans that scale well with my business.

Abram M., Cofounder

The pricing plans (including free) are very generous and provide a lot of value for the price you pay, there is a variety of different plans which grow with your business.

Hannah R., Virtual Assistant

Helpful Customer Service

It is important for every customer to know that, should anything go wrong, there is a helpful and efficient customer support team they can turn to.

This is some of your feedback for our customer support team:

The customer service is amazing - they reply to any questions I have very quickly.

Maria S, Small Business Owner

Love the support team who gets back to you immediately.

Maddhu K., Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Customer service has been wonderful!

Dana W., Owner, Health, Wellness and Fitness

Their customer service while chatting was exceptional.

Tawnya H, Small Business Owner

Your feedback helps us ensure that our services match your needs. Writing to us about your experience with eversign helps us better understand what is important to you, what we are doing well and where there are areas where we need to make improvements.

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