Sometimes one or more signers forget to sign the document that you've sent them or postpone signing it, delaying its completion. eversign enables you to send reminders to specific signers or to all intended signers of a document with literally just two clicks.This short article shows you how to do it.

You can choose to send a reminder to all signers who haven't signed yet or just to one or more specific ones.

Send a reminder to all signers

In order to send a reminder to all outstanding signers, go to your documents and find the document in question in the list of documents In Process (see screenshot below).

Each document on this list has a Send Reminder box on the right hand of the screen. Just click on this box, and then click Send in the pop up window that opens. And that was it, now every outstanding signer will be sent a reminder to sign the document.

You can send only one reminder per day.

The recipient will receive the reminder via email from eversign with your name as the sender and the subject "Reminder - `name of document to be signed`". The email will look like in the screenshot below:

Send a reminder to one or more specific signers

If you only want to send a reminder to one or more specific signers instead of all of them, first go to the list of documents In Process.

Once in the list, click on the name of the document in question.
This will open the document and you can see a list of all the signers. Click on the Send Reminder button on the right of the name of those signers to whom you wish to send a reminder.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you still have questions regarding reminders, please check our help center or contact our friendly customer service team.