The ATS platform iSmartRecruit is now integrated with eversign, offering recruiters and candidates a faster and smoother recruiting process, by reducing time spent on  sending and signing contracts and agreements.

Award-winning iSmartRecruit applicant tracking software provides web-based recruiting solutions to small and mid-market corporate HRs and staffing agencies. It automatically extracts  key information from résumés, job boards, social networks and websites, checks for duplication and saves it in the appropriate fields in its CRM.

eversign is an electronic signature system that enables users to sign and approve documents online, streamlining business processes with legally-binding validation. eversign is an ideal solution for businesses of all types and sizes that want to ‘go paperless’, saving time and money in an environmentally friendly way. eversign is the top-rated electronic signature solution on G2Crowd.

Through this integration, iSmartRecruit’s clients and their applicants profit from accelerated document turnaround time and a more secure way of handling and storing sensitive information.

Here’s how eversign improves the workflow of recruitment processes:

  • Sending and signing the documents is much faster and hassle-free. This reduces the chance of losing a good candidate to a competing company with a shorter recruitment process.
  • It is easier to track each recruiting case, which documents have already been signed and which are still awaiting approval.
  • All documentation pertaining to a case can be found in the same place and can be read and used by all authorised staff. This  provides consistency and minimises mistakes. These electronic records are also easier to maintain, search or retrieve for future use.
  • The onboarding process speeds up, allowing new employees to get to know their workplace and team, instead of spending time dealing with paperwork
  • It improves security with forgery-free and tamper-proof documents

For more information on this topic, contact the eversign team.